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Data Science with Tableau

Start fundamentals of learning Data Science using Tableau, creating interactive analytics dashboards & Develop your Data Science Project portfolios using enhanced Machine Learning analysis with Tableau, Python & R programming. In the process become a Data Science Jedi mastering Tableau Desktop, Tableau Public, Tableau Online and Tableau Prep tools. Allowing you to become a data science practitioner


Data Science & A.I. Interview Power Preps

Do you have the confidence to face & answer all the technical & non-technical questions? Our interview preps help fill knowledge gaps, go through real interview challenges by Uber, Amazon, Accenture, Huawei, Infosys so on & crack them with confidence for any Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence job roles


Flagship Career Accelerator Programme

You are about to apply for Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Engineering & Artificial Intelligence Jobs. Now Do you have a Targeted Resume? Does your interviewer demand a Project & Product portfolio? If you are unsure about your preparation our industry mentors will guide you prepare, attend and Ace the Interview process with > 80% success rate.


Data Science Developer Programme

learning Data Science allows us to master Data extraction & cleaning, Statistics Analysis, Data Visualization, Predictive Analytics using Python, Tableau & SQL. In our track, you will learn Data Science from the perspective of a Facebook Machine Learning Engineer & In the process developing a differentiated real-world project portfolio using Walmart, Amazon, Uber, Flipkart business problem scenarios. Allowing you to become a master user of data science methods within a span of 7 weeks.


Data Engineering Developer Programme

Upgrading onto skills from our Data Science Developer Program, in Advanced ML & Data Engineering track, you will focus on solving Business Problems with Natural Language Processing, Image analysis, using advanced packages like Tensorflow, Flair, PyTorch, enforced with a concrete focus on Data Engineering Techniques. Preparing you for a journey to build end-to-end machine learning products and get yourself noticed by Recruiters


Flagship Artificial Intelligence Developer Programme

To boost your profile development as a Data Science Jedi with the skills extracted from our Data Science & Machine Learning Developer programs. You now will focus on pushing your learning envelope through placing and testing your machine learning Proof Of Concept products with A.I. capabilities in the Real World. In doing so you will be combining your skills in Programming, Statistics, A.I. Logic and showcase the true value businesses in any vertical can derive from your skills